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About me:

Hi, I am Herlys.

Hi, I am Herlys.

   I was born in Havana Cuba, a place where  many artists find inspiration for their art, and where the old cars, buildings and the culture itself makes the city look like is frozen in time.   

  buying any time of camerinstead I went to schools to study electronics and telecommunication, after I finished school  I started working installing security systems, career that I continued for 15 years after i moved to the  U.S  

 two years later,  I was about 27 years old and finally I purchased my first camera, it was an entry level camera that I used for many years to learn photography.

 My journey as photographer then begun. Today 15 years later, i continue pursuing those instates where for a moment the most  pristine light at the perfect moment using the different scenes from the world around us began. In my photos the light is everything it enhances the colors to create a true sense of the scenery. It is more than a picture resuslting in a combination .of elements that bring the photo together as a piece of art.


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